Achillobator Released!

Hello everyone, we are very excited to announce the arrival of our newest dinosaur, the Achillobator! Famous amongst the paleontology community as one of the largest raptors ever discovered, it is also a highly anticipated creature in the Path of Titans roster.

Achillobator is arriving with everything an imposing raptor needs, with its pounce ability and a kick attack to make use of its razor sharp talons. Alongside this, it also can equip brand new claw attacks, an ability slot that has never been given to raptors before. However, the most exciting feature of our newest dinosaur is the unique twist to its playstyle to give not just Achillobator its special niche, but its smaller relatives too! Our largest raptor has an entire ability set dedicated to commanding smaller raptors as its minions, acting as the big boss to its own gang with buff abilities for both large and small raptors alike.

As for our players that prefer a lone wolf playstyle, there’s no need to worry! The Achillobator has plenty of abilities for players that enjoy running solo, so anyone can enjoy this feathered hunter with or without their pack.

We know how long the community has been waiting for Achillobator’s release day, and can’t wait to hear your feedback on our giant raptor. You can log in right now to check out the brand new Achillobator, and we hope that you enjoy the latest addition to Path of Titans!

Balance Changes

There are also a handful of notable balance changes found in this update, for several dinosaurs and abilities. We have been listening closely to player feedback, and have made some changes based on your suggestions and some combat-specific issues we've noticed.

For the full list of patch notes, please check out the in-game patch notes viewer on the Main Menu!

Bleed / Venom / Poison Healing Changes

We have adjusted venom, bleed, and ‘Putrid Scales’ poison heal values in addition to making the damage inflicted by these status effects more consistent across character states. We found that some players were concerned by how much of their health bar was taken up by the ‘bleed’ effect while running. However, we also found that it was very easy for some creatures to run away and recover while afflicted with bleed, which resulted in bleed attacks being less effective for many players.

To address this issue, we adjusted the bleed status effect to be less intense while running in exchange for a longer time to heal this effect while sitting or sleeping. Venom and poison have received similar adjustments. Alongside this, we have also adjusted bleed, venom and the ‘poison’ effect of Putrid Scales to be more consistent across various character movement states. We will continue to monitor how these changes affect gameplay across our servers, as well as player feedback regarding these changes.

Turn Radius / Speed Hide Ability Changes

As the game has developed, speed and turn radius have become one of the most popular ability types across the entire player base due to its versatility in various types of gameplay. However, as this has caused some concerns with game balancing between several dinosaur types, we have implemented some changes to these abilities to ensure they are only affecting combat to the same degree as other abilities of the same type.

Raptor Bleed Changes

Raptor gameplay is all about speed, stamina and persistence, which is great for pouncing onto enemies to deal light damage. However, we have noted community concerns and discussion about raptor bleed on pounce. People have found that raptors dealing bleed on pounce was too strong and we are in agreement with that sentiment. To address this, we have introduced an alternative Legs ability for raptors to ensure players still have the option to inflict bleed damage, just not while pouncing on another player.

Holiday Skin Bundles

We also wanted to add a reminder that we will be ending the Festive Skin Pack and Midwinter Skin Pack sales on February 4th 2023! Please be sure to pick them up through the in-game store if you are interested. Thank you so much for reading, and we hope you love the new Achillobator!

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