This week we have been working on adding a bunch of backend features to Path of Titans including new Anti-Cheat and player reporting features.

BattlEye Anti-Cheat

We take cheating very seriously, and despite Path of Titans being so early in development, we want to get out far ahead of any possible cheating before it starts. This patch we have implemented BattlEye Anti-Cheat into the game. This Anti-Cheat system will be enabled on all Official Servers, and will help prevent hackers and cheaters.

BattlEye is an industry-standard Anti-Cheat and is used across a number of popular titles such as Fortnite and Ark. For more information, you can visit the BattlEye website at

There are many great uses for BattlEye, including its Remote Server Administration Tools which allow server owners to remotely access and update their player bans.

That being said, BattlEye will be optional on private and community servers when they become available and it will be up to the server owner to decide if BattlEye is right for their community. Players can also choose to launch Path of Titans without BattlEye if they so choose via an option in the launcher’s settings menu.

Using BattlEye allows us to focus solely on developing Path of Titans instead of spending our time trying to catch cheaters and manage players bans. This is the best way for players to have a cheater-free Path of Titans experience while also having great updates to play in the future.

Reporting Players

We have implemented a player reporting system as of the most recent patch. This system will allow players to report hackers and cheaters they may encounter in-game. The two methods are reporting players through the death screen (if you have been killed by the cheater), and through a dedicated Report Player menu.

When you report a player through the death screen, the report will automatically collect the information about any players who damaged you last.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to report any cheaters you may encounter!

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