Hello everyone! We have a pretty big update for you today!

Combat Improvements

New Attacks

We have added a new attack type called “Wind-up” attacks. Hold down the attack button to wind up, and release it to do damage. Holding the attack for longer will cause more damage, or cause more status effects such as bone break or bleed. Some dinosaurs like Sarcosuchus can cause huge amounts of damage with a fully charged bite, and others like Anodontosaurus can really shatter ankles with a wound-up tail attack!

We have more attack types coming down the pipeline, and we will let you know as they are added to the game!

Improved Combat Hit Detection

We have improved the hit detection when using attacks. This both improves the performance of servers that experience heavy combat and ensure attacks land more consistently. Attacks like the Spinosaurus Tail attack will have the most notable improvements!

New Ability Icons

We also are working on adding more ability icons to help distinguish attacks, and they will be added to the ability screen over time.


We have begun testing Critter AI on official servers! We will run a limited number of tests on Official servers that will let us test the performance and stability of these AI creatures. Once you’ve found a burrow, interact with it to dig up a critter and catch it for a small snack!

There are currently 2 different types of critters you can catch: the Didelphodon and Platyhystrix. More critters are coming soon, and we will soon also add hunting quests that ask you to catch critters! We will keep you updated on how the testing goes!

Mobile HUD Editor

We have also added a Mobile HUD Editor. With this tool, you can customize the placement of buttons and HUD elements on your screen. There are also a few new tools for mobile you can access such as a screenshot button which hides all buttons and lets you take a clean screenshot. You can also save HUD layouts and change them out whenever you’d like. This should be helpful if you have different button layouts you prefer for different dinosaurs. Thanks for reading!

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