We are excited to announce we have a new update, the Pounce Update! Watch the trailer for the update here:

The biggest new additions for this patch are brand new combat mechanics and the darting ichthyosaur Eurhinosaurus! This means many creatures are now have additional attacks such as kicks, stomps, group abilities, and passive abilities.

Some new features in this patch include:

Raptor Pounce and Latch

Pounce on your enemies and hang off their sides with sharp raptor talons as they attempt to escape, and hold on tight to deal as much damage as you can! The new Pouncing mechanic will be a long awaited game-changer for our raptor players, allowing you to really sink your teeth (and talons!) into intense fights and start making your mark on bigger prey...

Sarcosuchus Grab

Ambush your prey, snatch them up and drag them down into a watery grave. The new Grabbing mechanic opens up a new world of possibilities for our Sarcosuchus players, allowing you to trap prey between your jaws to make your ancient behemoth’s ambush attacks deadlier than ever before.


Dart and joust through the waves as our fast and agile new aquatic playable, the new Ichthyosaur and real-life leviathan from 180 million years ago. Take the reins of a creature from the depths of the sea with lethal speed and 11 abilities to compete against the Sarcosuchus, Spinosaurus, and Kaiwhekea!

Dynamic Music System

Listen to our completely new musical score! The soundtrack responds to your actions in game, and to the locales you enter and exit, and will transition seamlessly as you play, between calm sounds in your home cave, to high intensity cacophony of sound when you’re in a large brawl with multiple players, and everything in between.

Alongside these major features, you can also look forward to several new abilities across our roster of dinosaurs, and other quality of life updates!

We are excited for everyone to experience this new update! Thanks for reading.

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