While a lot of our work this month has been dedicated to setting up all the content for our crowdfunding campaign, we have still been working tirelessly on bringing features to the game. We have implemented two new mechanics, Home Caves and Waystones, to Path of Titans this week, and have made more progress on our map. We also have a downloadable launcher you can check out that will update with news about the game as it's released!

##Downloadable Launcher!

Thank you to everyone for the amazing support given to the Path of Titans team! We only started development of this game in January this year and you have allowed us to make great progress. One of the innovative things we have been working on is our own platform for Alderon Games.

Because we have a strong belief in a positive community with cross platform gaming and transparent development we have decided to give everyone early access to the Alderon Games Launcher. If you already have an Alderon Games account you can visit https://alderongames.com/ to log in and download the launcher installer there. If you do not have an account, you can create one and download it for free.

You won't be able to play any of the games yet, but it will allow you to give feedback on our current launcher so far and report any issues installing it on your computers! The launcher will also display things like news about the game so you can keep updated. The launcher will automatically update on startup with all progress we make. We will also be delivering any donation and crowdfunding rewards though the platform, including things like playable demos, stress testing, and perks!

We have set up a public #launcher-feedback channel on our Discord server where you can give us your feedback about the launcher and post any bugs or issues you may run into. Our Discord server can be joined here: https://discord.gg/P6t8FGn

##Our Map

A lot of work has been put into our map this month, overall. A great deal of effort goes into making distinct yet beautiful points of interest and landmarks that will help players navigate, and make the map interesting to play on.

This week we’ve added waterfalls and rivers, an interconnected open cave system, and tons of smaller canyons and gullies. Here’s a few screenshots of the work done so far!

##Home Caves

Home Caves are your own personal home base that can be accessed from various points on the map, called “Home Cave Entrances”. These entrances are marked with stones containing glowing symbols and will take you to your Home Cave; a personal sanctuary that only you can access. Your Home Cave will consist of only a single area at first but can be expanded with additional rooms by completing in game quests and unlocking achievements!

While your Home Cave can only be directly accessed by you, inviting your friends to join you is easy! Simply send them a Home Cave invite and they will be presented with an option to join your cave via any Home Cave Entrance. Don’t hang out for too long however as your caves will not contain food or water! When you are ready to leave, your Home Cave exit will take you back to the world via the same Home Cave Entrance you entered.

As development continues, we will have more information about Home Caves that will explain the smaller nuances of the system, such as addressing any exploits that might seem problematic, details about who can use them, when they can be used, and more.

A video outlining the new Home Cave mechanic


While it is certainly enjoyable to explore a vast, open world on your own, it is often much more fun to adventure with company. Instead of spending your time trying to find and meet up with each other, you can instead use a Waystone to bring your friend straight to you.

Waystones are scattered throughout the map and are marked with a green rune. Using them is simple; all you need to do is locate one, stand near it, and bring up the invite window with the interaction key. You can then invite a friend to join you at the Waystone using the on screen dialogue. The friend will receive a Waystone Invite on their Character Selection screen, so they must be logged out of the game to accept it. Once accepted, your friend will be logged in with you at the Waystone.

The Waystone will have a cooldown timer once it’s used as indicated by the status of the glowing rune. While this means you can not spawn in an entire army of dinosaurs, it will still greatly improve your ability to meet up with your friends so you can start playing together right away!

A video explaining the mechanics of the Waystone

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