This month we have put more time into our skin customization system and are working hard to complete all 10 of our playable dinosaurs.

##Skin Customization System

We have implemented the first pass at our skin customization system. Players will be able to change the colour of five regions of their character and the colour of their eyes. They will also be able to unlock alternate patterning for each skin that is subtle, but adds another small layer of uniqueness to each skin in the game.

Because we are going to be creating an immersive prehistoric world for players to enjoy, we are limiting the amount of colour variation that will be available for each skin. Generally, you can select from lighter or darker or more and less saturated colour variation from the default skin colours. Completely changing the colour of your skin will lose the identity of your species and the skin itself, and could easily break immersion if very colourful or neon colours were allowed, so for these reasons we’re keeping it fairly limited.

An example of the subtle patterning that can be customized


The creation of the initial Allosaurus model lead to the second model being finished for the Lambeosaurus, one of the largest herbivores in the game. It also has different individual looks and body types. We knew that it was important to include a hadrosaur in Path of Titans, and so selected the Lambeosaurus as it’s fairly underrepresented in the media and yet is still a very unique dinosaur.

The final default Lambeosaurus model

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