Hello reader! This week we talk about new skins, our mobile build, and a brand new biome: Beech forests!

Beech Forest Biome

The highlight of November regarding the map is our newest biome; Beech forests! We are sure players will appreciate this new deciduous biome. This densely forested area will provide ample opportunity for small and medium sized creatures to hide and graze in peace, as well as giving players a new lush and vibrant biome to explore, starkly contrasting the red hues of our redwood forest, and the yellow hues of the pines. Be sure to search for the newest biome in the upcoming multiplayer demo update!

Our main map Panjura has also been steadily expanding, with many new handcrafted areas for players to wander and explore. As the demo and map progresses, new areas will be revealed for players to test and explore. Be sure to check out our public roadmap to see how much of the map has been completed so far, along with many other milestones! Check out our roadmap here: https://trello.com/b/XoWe2llK/path-of-titans-roadmap

New Skins

While we are constantly adding new skins every month, we wanted to share a couple skins in particular that were completed this month. We are aiming to have the majority of our dinosaur skins finished by the end of next month. There will be over 160 skins to be unlocked in the base game of Path of Titans, distributed as nine skins per dinosaur (not including partner, backer, or reward skins). This will provide players with a wide variety of colours and patterns to choose from to customize their characters.

Check out some of our favourite new skins completed below!

Mobile Updates

Through a lot of optimization work and map debugging, we now have our main 8kmx8km map, Panjura, running smoothly on most mobile devices. This is the culmination of hundreds of hours of work on optimization and improving memory usage from graphical, sound, and code point of views. We went from the game crashing on trying to boot the map to having 30+ FPS thanks to a lot of patience and trial and error.

Now there is no problem with cross platform gameplay between PC and mobile in regards to performance and stability, just in time for our cross-platform multiplayer demo coming very soon! Thank you for reading!

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