Hello! January has begun with a great start, and we have lots of interesting things to share this week.

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UI Updates

This month we have spent time updating the UI for Path of Titans. Our previous UI worked great for PC and mouse/keyboard setups, but when playing the game on mobile or with a controller it was clear there was a lot of work to do. Most buttons were too small to tap with your fingers, and many buttons and menus simply did not work with controller navigation.

Since then, we have improved the UI by giving it both a functional and graphical overhaul. Buttons are now larger and easier to tap on phones and menus are properly aligned and all use the same style. We have also given the UI some polish with new subtle button animations, menu transitions, and audio feedback.

Additionally, the character creation screen now displays a single column instead of two columns. This format allows for a lot more screen real estate dedicated to looking at your character, and is easier to use on mobile devices as well. We will eventually be adding a day/night slider for players to see what their character may look like during any time of day or night.

Controller Support

In addition to updating the UI, we have spent a lot of time improving our controller support within menus. Previously it was difficult to navigate our game with a controller due to problems with selecting menu items and it being difficult to differentiate between items that were selected or deselected. With the updates this week most of those problems should be solved.

We are still working on improving controller support, and we currently have yet to work on some menus such as the quest menu and social menu, but it will be done in time. In the future we also hope to include clear face button icons next to each menu option so players know to press corresponding buttons to access different menu items quickly.

Map Additions

This week we have done a pass on unifying our rock textures and improving the collision on rock surfaces. Cliffs and rocks now share a similar texture and blend together much better. In addition, there is new added detail on rocks that allow artists to scale rocks up without losing much texture detail.

We have also been working hard as ever on Panjura, adding hundreds of hand-crafted areas to the map and overall making it feel natural and lived in. Here are a few screenshots of what we’ve created this week.

Thanks for reading!

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