Hello again! We’ve been working hard adding new systems into Path of Titans, and are excited to share what we’ve done this week.

Final Stretch Goal Reached!

Our final stretch goal has been reached! We have now raised over $400K AUD ($270K USD), an absolutely incredible amount! We could not have made it this far without everyone’s incredible support.

The final stretch goal we have reached is the addition of the new playable aquatic reptile, Kaiwhekea! This plesiosaur was discovered in New Zealand, and will be a perfect fit in the aquatic ecosystem of Path of Titans.

We will not be adding any more stretch goals at this time. All the ones we have planned so far we have met, but we may add more in the future. Regardless if any more goals are added, we will be reviewing suggestions and feedback to get ideas of new things to add into the game.

Partner skin sales have also ended as we mentioned earlier, thank you so much for your support!

Here are all stretch goals we have unlocked in a single image!

Footstep Effects

We have added in a small detail that gives just a little more realism to the world of Path of Titans- footstep particle effects. These effects are visible each time your dinosaur takes a step, and the effects that are played depend on the type of surface you step on. Grassy plants emit leaves, dirt emits a cloud of dust, and rocks cause small pebbles to slide under your dinosaur’s feet.

Dinosaur Subspecies

We have been going through many of our dinosaurs and adding in some of the remaining subspecies. We’ve added subspecies for the Ceratosaurus, Barsboldia, Struthiomimus, Metriacanthosaurus, Lambeosaurus, and Alioramus. These subspecies will be unlockable through gameplay by earning achievements, and will give your dinosaur slightly different base stats depending on the species.

Here is an image that displays many of the subspecies completed so far.

Skin Unlock System

We have just implemented the Skin Unlock System, and will be rolling it out in a patch in the near future. This system will let players spend their Marks they earned through quests on skins. Each skin has a base set of colours that comes with the initial unlock, and you must spend a small amount of marks to “upgrade” the skin to unlock more patterns and colour options.

Once you have unlocked a skin, it is permanently unlocked for your account, so you don’t have to unlock all your skins again if you decide to make another character of the same species.

In addition to the Skin Unlock System, we have also implemented the ability for you to edit your character after creating them. Previously you were only able to edit your character when first creating it, but couldn’t change anything after that. Now, you can edit your character from the character selection menu.

Currently, you must log out to edit your skin, but in the future we will implement a “Save Preset” functionality so you can save your favourite skin combinations and easily switch between them on the fly when you’re in-game. This will be added at a later date once we have thoroughly tested the current system and fixed any bugs. Thanks for reading!

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