Hello again everyone! We have been hard at work adding new content into Path of Titans, and are excited to share what we have done this week.


We have recently released a swimming demo patch through our launcher! Players can now spawn as a Suchomimus and swim around a lake and explore underwater. You can download our demo and test out this new mechanic for yourself from our store here: https://alderongames.com/store/

We are currently working on improving swimming and adding underwater effects. We are still actively working on the fishing demo and hope to release it sometime soon. We will make an announcement when it is ready.

In the meantime, we have been working on improving the underwater ambience of our swamps and lakes. In addition to small weeds and lilypads, we have also added lake weed, algae, and small shoals of minnows that swim around the bottom of the lake. These minnows are too small to eat, but they are great at making the underwater environment feel much more natural and alive.

We have also improved the swimming animations of our Suchomimus, which now paddles with both its feet and powerful tail. Be sure to update your demo to play around with the new swimming mechanics!

Herbivore Food

This month we spent some time expanding and elaborating on our Herbivore food system. We want to provide players with a lot of different options for food and different methods of filling their stomachs.

Smaller herbivores like Struthiomimus will be able to eat from many different food sources, acting more like an omnivore than an obligate herbivore. One of the new additions to food sources include insects, such as wasp nests, beehives, and anthills.

These new additions will give certain dinosaurs a much more varied diet that can provide loads of gameplay opportunities through stat buffs, stat debuffs, and healing properties.

Hot Springs

Work on our map has nearly completed its first pass, including the general blocking out of cliffs, rivers, lakes, and rock formations. After the first pass, to really make the map stand out, we will also build unique points of interest. These will include features such as hoodoos, canyons, arches, flooded forests, termite mound fields, sinkholes, landslides, and many other natural features that will help players orient themselves and give cool places to explore!

The first point of interest is the hot springs. These bright blue pools of water are warm and emit clouds of water vapour. There will be multiple geothermally active areas on the map including both geysers and hot springs. Thanks for reading!

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