Hello again everyone! We have been working hard adding new content into Path of Titans, and are excited to share what we have done this week.

Albino and Melanistic Skins

Albino and Melanistic skins have been added for all dinosaurs in Path of Titans. These will be the hardest skins to unlock in the game, requiring players to complete achievements and objectives. Their unique look will really help make players stand out from the crowd, and we can see them being quite coveted!

Fish AI

While it is still work-in-progress, we have been focusing on working on our fish AI this week. We have a lot of systems in place, and are working on polishing them at the moment. Once fish AI has been completed, we will be moving forward with completing our fishing mechanics.

Fish may seem simple on the surface, but there are some interesting mechanics we have implemented to give them plenty of depth. Fish AI will travel between different points within each body of water, giving them more purpose than aimlessly swimming around. Fish will also spawn with different skins, allowing for a nice variety of colours and patterns even within the same lake.

We also have an overfishing mechanic. If players come across a lake that is full of fish, they will have to be wary of the amount of fish they catch and kill. If a lot of fish are killed in quick succession by overfishing, the respawn rate of the fish will plummet and only small fish will respawn. It will take time for the lake to recover and for larger fish to begin spawning again.

Additionally, modders who are interested in setting up their own fish ecosystems will have great control over fish types, skins, respawn rates, and even be able to specify water body types to have certain fish spawn in certain areas or biomes. This means that a map can have swamps, lakes, oceans, and more- each with individual fish types that can spawn within.


We have also been working on small burrows that AI will hide in. These will serve as spawn points for AI, and also as a place they will escape to if you start chasing them while in close proximity to one. You'll be able to dig small AI creatures out of their holes and chase after them as they flee. Players will not be able to enter AI burrows, however!

We currently have two burrow types modelled, and may be making more in the future if we feel we need more variety. Pictured below are the two burrows next to an AI lizard. Additionally there are some turtle shells in the background that will be used for quest items!


We have created a set of corpses that will be used in-game when players have brought down a large kill. There is a theropod, ceratopsian, and hadrosaur corpse type, and they are generic enough so that we can use them across nearly every dinosaur type. In the future we would love to have a unique corpse type for every dinosaur in the game but, for the sake of time management, these will be the three corpse types in the game for now.

Players may also happen to come across old, long-abandoned corpses as they are travelling and exploring the map, providing good opportunities for smaller dinosaurs to scavenge. We even have ideas for small AI to gather and eat from old corpses, however we are still looking into the feasibility of this mechanic. Thank you for reading!

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