Hello again everyone! We have been working hard adding new content into Path of Titans, and are excited to share what we have done this week.

New Playable Area & Dinosaur For Multiplayer

We are excited to be introducing players to a new area of our map, Panjura. In a recent update, we moved the playable area that players can explore and test for bugs. Discover rolling plains, open caves, towering rock spires, and lush beech wood forests.

With this new area to explore, we have also introduced a new playable dinosaur to our multiplayer demo; Concavenator! Concavenator is now the largest dinosaur available to test in our multiplayer demo, dwarfing the other available playables!

Be sure to tune in to our Discord and give yourself the demo updates role to be notified when we have stress tests so you too can test out this awesome new dinosaur!

While you wait for multiplayer servers to be brought online, be sure to check out single player! We have updated the singleplayer dinosaur roster to now include both Deinonychus and Struthiomimus!

New Animations

With over one thousand unique animations completed so far for our dinosaurs, we have only a handful more animations needed to consider our dinosaurs fundamentally animated. All that remains after this will be combat animations, which will be created in tandem with the combat system.

Some of the new animations include emotes like scratching, stretching, looking around, calls, and other interesting little cues that will help make our dinosaurs look more alive. You will certainly see AI creatures using these emotes as well to communicate with the player and explore their surroundings.

Map Nearing Completion

Panjura nears completion! With the first pass on the map nearly done, we will soon be going back over the map to add in waystones, home caves, food items, underwater foliage, unique points of interest such as hot springs, and to do a general quality pass. We will be making sure that every tile meets our expectations, and that there are enough places for players to hide, explore and enjoy.

We stream our work on the map nearly every day over on our Youtube and Twitch channel, so be sure to drop by and watch it being created in real-time! https://www.youtube.com/c/pathoftitans https://www.twitch.tv/alderongames

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