We have been very busy this month getting loads of features complete, such as the highly anticipated fishing demo and officially releasing the iOS version of Path of Titans! This month we cover new Backer Skins, our free iOS app, fishing demo, and further progress on our map!

Fishing Demo

Earlier this month we were pleased to announce and release our fishing demo! In the fishing demo you get to play as the Suchomimus; you can catch, carry, and eat fish! There are also new water effects present when walking or swimming in the water. These effects are not yet polished, and we are still working on sound and particle effects when interacting with the water's surface.

Be sure to update your game via the Alderon Games Launcher to check out this cool new demo!

8 New Backer skins

Due to having recently reached over $300K USD in funding, an absolutely incredible amount, we are pleased to present 8 new Backer Skins for the new dinosaurs that were added to the game by the community thanks to crowdfunding!

If you already own the “All 10 Exclusive Backer Skins + Game” Perk or higher, these 8 news skins will be added to your account free of charge and you do not need to purchase anything else. These keys will be auto-activated and show up in your account within 24 hours.

You can check out our Store for previews of each of the new skins, and still purchase them individually if any catch your eye! https://alderongames.com/store/path-of-titans

Free on iOS App Store

We are happy to announce that Path of Titans is now on the iOS App Store! Download the game for free from the App Store today! The game is a free download with a purchasable upgrade to access the newest content. If you have already purchased the PC/Mobile version of the game, simply log in with your Alderon Games account to access all the content without any additional purchase!

The game requires iPhone 6S or higher and iOS 13 or higher to run.

The Android version of Path of Titans is still being worked on, and we will post an announcement in the future about it when we have more news.

You can download the App here: https://alderon.games/pot-ios

Map Progress

Panjura is inching closer and closer to completion of the first pass! As of writing this, work is being done on tile 63, with one remaining tile after it! We are excited to see the culmination of 6 months of work done, and even more excited for players to be able to explore it in the near future.

What next? There is plenty more work to be done yet to Panjura. Locations need to be given names, spawn points need to be determined, many quest items and edible items need to be placed, and some early areas may need minor touch ups; among many other things. Though rest assured, a major milestone is soon to be hit for our map, and we are excited to share this with you! Thanks for reading!

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