Hello again everyone! We have been working hard adding new content into Path of Titans, and are excited to share what we have done this week. This time, we have been working on modding for mobile, translations, and improvements to dinosaur movement.


We have added new languages to Path of Titans. Currently, we support Danish, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese BR, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. More languages are on the way, and are already partially translated. We will support 28 languages total by the time the game is released.

Modding for Mobile

We have been working hard at porting over a couple modded maps to be compatible for mobile devices. This includes ensuring the functionality for mobile phones to be able to connect to modded servers and download the modded maps required to be able to play. The size of these modded maps need to be as compressed and optimized as possible, as phones don’t have as much available memory as computers do.

While modding for mobile is not yet ready, it will be available relatively soon. We will post news about it as development continues. Below is a screenshot of Stoneclaw Highlands running on an Android device.

Dinosaur Movement

We’ve added a few new elements to our dinosaur movement. They are small, but will make controlling your dinosaur feel better once everything is seamlessly integrated across the board.

Crouching precise movement has been enabled for the Suchomimus. Now you are able to crouch and strafe, reverse, and turn in place. This eventually will be enabled for all dinosaurs further in development.

We have also added the first pass of slope momentum to our dinosaur movement. When running downhill your dinosaur will move faster, and running uphill your dinosaur will move slower. This is still work-in-progress, but eventually you will be able to use it to get an extra boost for a short distance, useful for chasing down fast prey.

The last thing we updated was the jump system. This is currently only implemented for the Latenivenatrix, but in the future will be applied to every dinosaur that can jump. Now, you are able to tap the jump button to make a small jump, or hold the button to make a larger jump and the expense of more stamina. This functions similarly to many platformer games, but add a greater degree of control for players who enjoy jumping around between rocks and logs and jumping to escape predators. Thanks for reading!

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