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Be sure to watch our Q2 update video from last week if you haven't already!

Hello everyone! This week we have been working on polishing and bug-fixing a lot of big, game changing items such as collision, trample damage, and network prediction/rubberbanding. This is still work-in-progress, and we are actively getting all these items into a patchable state.

Because of the unstable nature of all these new changes, we have not been able to patch the Demo branch of the game for over a month. We are working as fast as we can to bring all these to the Demo branch, however they are not ready yet. You can still play all of the things we have mentioned in this dev blog by switching over to the Demo Public Test branch, a version of the game that gets frequent patches and updates with the intent for helping identify and fix bugs. Be sure to join our Discord and check out instructions on how to access the Demo Public Test branch!


Styracosaurus is now playable on the Public Test Branch. This mid-sized herbivore has a head covered in formidable horns, and will be difficult prey to take down for most carnivores. There are 14 skins available for Styracosaurus, so be sure to complete quests to unlock them and check them out!

Styracosaurus will be coming soon to the main Demo branch, for both mobile and PC.

Bug Reporting Tool

This week we have added a new in-game bug reporting tool. This tool can be accessed by pressing “B” on your keyboard, or tapping the bug button on mobile. Accessing this tool will allow you to report a bug directly in-game, in addition to capturing a screenshot of the bug and writing a description. You can also specify the type of bug in your report, such as map bugs or others.

This tool will be extremely helpful for us to continue to improve the game and get valuable feedback from players. By sending in bugs via this tool, you can earn the Bugtracker Allosaurus skin!

Full Map Playable

We have made the full map playable! Previously, we have only ever had smaller areas of our map Panjura playable. Now, all 8kmx8km are explorable and have loads of points of interest to explore. Rivers, caves, giant lakes, grasslands, ravines, and more await you!

Be sure to report any map bugs you may discover with the in-game bug reporting tool!


We have heard a lot of feedback from players expressing their concern about not knowing where they are on our map, and having difficulty navigating the world because of that. To remedy this problem, we have added a minimap to the Public Test Branch. It is still work-in-progress, and as soon as it is completed it will make its way onto the Demo branch. This minimap is centered around your dinosaur, and displays your immediate surroundings in a top-down view.

In the future we will also have a full map that players can pull up to get their general bearings. This map won’t be extremely detailed, but will display all large points of interest and will be useful to get a general lay of the land.

Mod Cloud Cooker Improvements

This week we have also made some improvements to our Mod Cloud Cooker. Modders can now access a settings panel for their mod, where they can upload preview images for their mod, change the description, and also check on their build progress. This comes with general stability improvements and fixes as well. We are constantly improving our modding tools, and have many more improvements and new functionalities planned! Thanks for reading!

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