This month we have some great updates to share with you for Path of Titans.

Before we begin, we have some good news! Our remote developer who was diagnosed with COVID-19 back at the end of July has now made a full recovery, and they are now getting back up to speed and resuming development. Thank you, again, for the love and support from everyone during that big update video, it means the world to us. Once our returning developer is able to ramp back up, we will be releasing updates regarding the progress towards our delayed Pre-Release.

Thanks for joining us at PAX earlier this month, we hope everyone had fun playing Path of Titans, and thank you for taking part in our Photo Contest!

You can watch this dev blog in video format below.

Cross-Server Database Saving

We have primarily been focused on improving many foundational aspects of the game, including cross-server database saving. This allows players to access their characters and skins on any official server. We are aware there are a few exploits with cross server database saving at the moment, and we are working on fixing them over time.

We also have newly implemented multiplayer networking encryption for improved player security.

Automated Server Deployment

An exciting new backend feature we've just completed is automated server deployment. This means that if all servers are full, we will automatically spin up a new server, and spin down empty servers. This will tie into our future automatic matchmaking system. Instead of having to select a server from a server list, players simply click ‘play’ and we will place you into a server with your friends.

Map Work

There have also been some map updates to Panjura, including some new dead forest areas, new open fields, rocky arch-ways, and other minor improvements! Be sure to update today to find and check them out!

As a reminder, we're looking for more information about what platform types Path of Titans players own. Please answer our questions here if you haven't filled it out already: Your answers will help Path of Titans development. Thanks for reading!

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