This week we have the new playable Lambeosaurus, combat updates, and fishing and quest improvements!

You can watch the video version of this dev blog here!


We have just added a new playable dinosaur, the Lambeosaurus! Be sure to update your game and check out this new giant herbivore!

New Combat Attacks

We have added additional attacks to some of our dinosaurs, including claw attacks for Concavenator, Suchomimus, and Spinosaurus. These are however still work-in-progress, and will soon be followed by more attack types such as tail swipes, lunging, and charging in future updates.

Fishing Improvements

Two new fish types are now populating the lakes of Panjura; the Trout and the Bluegill. We have also enabled the overfishing mechanic, so pay attention to how many fish you catch from a single lake or else they may stop spawning! You can now also eat while swimming, removing the need to swim ashore just to eat your fish.

Quest Improvements

We have now implemented dinosaur species specific quests. Semi-aquatic creatures now will have quests that will task you with catching fish of certain sizes, and more dino specific quests will come in the future. Timed quests also now work, however there are currently no timed quests in the game.

Update your game today and check everything out! Thanks for reading.

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