This week we've been working on the new playable Metriacanthosaurus, new venom and bleed damage types, and dinosaur movement improvements!

You can watch the video version of this dev blog here!


We have just added a new playable dinosaur, the Metriacanthosaurus! This dinosaur has a venom bite ability that drains stamina. It also has a claw attack that inflicts bleed damage, making Metriacanthosaurus a very versatile dinosaur. Be sure to update your game and check out this new carnivore!

Venom and Bleed

With the addition of Metriacanthosaurus, we have added the new venom damage type. This will drain your enemies stamina over time, a very useful way to limit the mobility of your prey or slow them down so the other members of your group can move in for the kill. Additionally, when you are under the effects of venom, your screen will have a green border.

We have also added new bleed mechanics that will drain your opponents health over time. While they are bleeding they also will leave bright red bloody footprints, making them easier to track through the forest.

Movement Improvements

We’ve made big improvements to our dinosaur movement that fixes most of the rubberbanding issues we had in the past. Combat and tight weaving now feels better than ever, and is more responsive than before. We are still investigating some movement issues on mobile devices, however.

Be sure to update today and check these new features out! Thanks for reading.

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