Hello everyone! We hope you had a great holiday season and a happy new year. We have been very busy over the break and we have a lot of big game-changing news for Path of Titans! Lets get into it.

You can watch this dev blog in video format here!

New Grouping Mechanics

First, this patch brings a complete overhaul to grouping mechanics. Players now fill up group slots depending on the dinosaur they are playing as, with a maximum group slot size of 10. Dinosaur slot sizes vary per dinosaur. For example: larger dinosaurs like Spinosaurus take up 5 slots, and smaller dinosaurs like the Deinonychus take up 1 slot. You can mix and match different dinosaur sizes to make the best group that works for you!

The group leader acts as a beacon for the rest of the party, and is visible anywhere on the map. You have to be close to the leader or else the nametags of other players will disappear. This makes the group leader crucial for organizing hunts and managing the party.

Subspecies Stat Differences

We have also added in small stat differences for dinosaur subspecies, allowing you to fine tune your dinosaur's playstyle by changing your subspecies type!

Locational Damage

We have also added locational damage to all of our dinosaurs. As the name suggests, this will modify damage done depending on the body part that was hit. Tails and feet take significantly less damage, and heads and necks take more damage. Be sure to avoid biting tails and aim for the throat!

Quest Map Markers

Another new feature added is Quest Map Markers. These display both on your minimap and as a marker in the world, to help you find quest locations throughout Panjura! In the future, these markers will tie into more elaborate quests to improve the questing experience.

Skin Shedding

Finally, another new addition is our skin shedding mechanic. When you change your dinosaur's skin, it will now slowly blend from the old to the new skin over the course of a few minutes. This will prevent players from changing their skins in the middle of a fight to cause confusion, and adds a layer of immersion to character customization!

Thanks for watching, and be sure to update your game today to check out all these new features.

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