Hello everyone! We have a new update just released today! This one contains our brand new food and diet system, the new water quality system, and some updates to fall damage.

Watch this blog post in video format below!

New Food Items

Scattered throughout Panjura, you will now find new edible food types, including termite mounds, flowers, salt rocks, ant hills, shellfish, melons, roots, and more! Each dino species has specialized diets, such as the Struthiomimus eating insects, and Albertaceratops eating melons and nuts.

Some dinosaurs such as the Deinonychus have more varied diets than others that allow them to more easily survive, such as the Deinonychus being able to eat both meat and insects. Players can also pick up and carry most food types for transport or a snack on the go.

Water Quality

There is also a new water quality system. As a water source is used, it will slowly deplete in quality, turning a muddy shade of brown. If the water quality drops too low, the water will become undrinkable and all fish contained within it will die off. Players will have to explore Panjura to find new, clean water sources, and fishers will have to defend their lake to maintain a healthy fish supply!

In the future, players will be able to complete quests to restore the quality of lakes, and even regrow food sources!

Fall Damage

We’ve improved the method used to calculate fall damage. The new system will apply damage to your dinosaur based on the impact velocity when you land. Instead of instant death, you now take damage via a percentage of your total health. This means jumping off a large cliff will now deal some damage, but won’t be enough to kill you. In the future this will also tie into the bone break mechanic, where jumping off a cliff can break your leg if the drop is high enough.

This system greatly encourages players to think twice when jumping to escape predators, as they won’t necessarily be able to escape unscathed! Thanks for reading! Be sure to update your game today to try out these new features, enjoy!

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