Hello again everyone! We've added some awesome new content to the game this week, so let's get right into it.

Matchmaking System

We have been hard at working creating our own custom matchmaking system that intelligently connects players of together to provide the best multiplayer experience possible. It is still in testing phases, however we plan to roll out this new system soon.

With the new matchmaking system, players simply click “Play” and the game will automatically select a server with the best ping and highest player count for you to join. Of course, if friends want to play together they can select “Join Friend” from their friends list to all be placed into the same server. With our cross-server character saves, the specific server you are placed into won’t have any effect on the characters you can play, and you won’t even have to worry about what official server you are playing on.

The matchmaking system solves many core gameplay issues that come when players server hop, that is: logging out and joining a different server to avoid combat or exploit map/quest resources.

Players that leave the server and quickly retry matchmaking with the hopes of being placed into a different server, will instead be placed back into the same server. This will completely solve player server hopping exploits, and solves all possible future gameplay exploits such as world quests and PvP.

While official Path of Titans servers will no longer be directly selectable from the server list and will be exclusively connected to through matchmaking, community servers will still be browsable and selectable, meaning players can manually find the community server that is the best fit for them.

New Combat Abilities

This patch introduces new abilities: the Struthiomimus and Styracosaurus kick, and a big update to the Albertaceratops charge ability. These attacks move your character backwards or forward depending on the ability, and overall feel more responsive compared to typical bite and claw attacks.

We have been working towards adding more dinosaur abilities as a whole, including the ability to swap out combat abilities and unlock more over time as you earn marks. All these features and more will come with a future update.

Water Replenish Quests and Shared Quests

Another big task we’ve been working on are water quality replenish quests and the shared quest system. This system isn't yet released to the demo but will be coming to the game soon.

Players will be able to replenish the quality of lakes and rivers by delivering certain items to drop off points next to the body of water. Once a lake drops to a certain quality percentage, all players in the area will be given a quest to restore the lake. Players will receive Marks as a reward if they drop off items like salt rocks and fish.

If a player strays too far from the replenish water quest location, they will have 5 minutes to re-enter the area or else their contributions will no longer count.

This system ties into the shared and group quest system that will allow players to share quest progress and rewards with their group.

Further improvements to quests as a whole are planned to make them more engaging and fun. We will be putting a much larger emphasis on dynamic quests that are unique to each area on the map, and quests becoming available as you spend time in that specific quest zone. Thanks for reading!

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