This month has been full of forward progress regarding animations and map work, and the finalizing of sound and skin assets. We have nearly completed full animation sets for five of our dinosaurs so far, including their associated sounds, as well as finished our character customization and creation screen.

##Character Customization Screen

Our character customization screen is now completely finished! When creating a character, you will be able to select from all the skins and dinosaurs you have unlocked, as well as selecting from various preset colours and pattern types per skin. Male and female dinosaurs will have a different set of colours they can choose from, with female dinosaurs generally having a duller colour choice and the males having brighter colours. However, there are plenty of variations between these, such as females having lighter colours and males having darker colours, or females having warm colours and males having cool colours. It’s all in the interest of creating an immersive environment and ecosystem while allowing players to have a huge range of character customization choices.

Unlocking skins and dinosaurs is part of the essential gameplay loop we have designed. By completing quests and achievements you will earn points that can then be spent on abilities or unlockable content. We are aiming for there to be 9 skins per dinosaur to be unlocked at launch, with many more being added after launch. After you have unlocked these skins, you will be able to change your dinosaurs skin and colours at any time during gameplay with a slight cooldown time between edits.

Check out the video below to see the character creation screen. It is still visually a work-in-progress and has a few placeholder buttons at the moment, but the functionality is now complete!

The work-in-progress character creation and customization screen


We have almost fully animated five of our dinosaurs. These include full locomotion sets, calls, a few attacks, idle animations, and sitting down and sleeping. While creating our animations, we took into account the importance of making our animals feel natural but weighty. Check out some of these animations below!


We now have a significant portion of our dinosaur sounds completed as a first pass, as well as our footstep sounds being finished, too. We wanted to give each dinosaur a very discernible sound from one another, and this meant paying close attention to the unique sounds that each animal could possibly make. While the sounds of the animals aren’t completely finalized, the footsteps are.

Take a listen to some of our footsteps, ambiance, and dinosaur calls in the short clip below. Note that some audio is subject to change.

A preview of some dinosaur calls and general soundscape of Path of Titans

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