As we enter a new year full of big and exciting changes, we wanted to catch you all up on what we’ve been up to since our last blog in December!

Progress on the Unreal Engine 5.3 Upgrade

Some of you might be keeping up with our progress on this, as we’ve been updating our Public Test Branch with Unreal Engine 5.3 updates and allowing players to check out the fixes and improvements as they are implemented. As always, we’re very grateful for our diligent testers that take the time to report bugs!

We’ve been working our way through many bug fixes during this time, with some being easier small fixes and others are more complex and difficult to get through, even needing fixes deep in the engine level. Despite this, our overall progress to the update is going well, and we are very excited to release it to our main branch so we can begin making good use of our new hotpatching system! This is an exciting update for us especially, as it means we can send out important fixes to the game much faster than we could before.

New Aquatic Creatures

We have been working on creating a few new aquatic creatures to populate the rivers and oceans of Path of Titans! While we already have quite a variety of species to catch, we felt that there were a lot of modern-day creatures present in our maps, and instead we wanted to more accurately represent some of the ecosystems creatures would actually be found fishing in during the Mesozoic and Devonian periods.

We have a number of planned creatures, including some classic prehistoric creatures like lungfish. Here are a couple of the ones we have completed so far, including the Dipnorhynchus and Ammonite! You can expect to see these creatures, and more, swimming the waterways of Path of Titans soon.

Underwater Effects Improvements

Alongside the aquatic creatures, we are also working on improving the underwater effects found on both Gondwa and Panjura. By adding improved underwater ripples, caustics, and fogging, underwater areas will look better than ever. A short WIP clip can be seen below!

Changes to the Server Browser

We’ve made some changes to our Community Server browser. We’ve changed how our browser displays servers for you, splitting what was previously one long list into pages of servers instead. This was primarily done to improve performance for not only the servers themselves, but also the Alderon Games backend systems.

Alongside this, we have also improved searching for ‘favourited’ servers, allowing players to filter their server search to only list favourited servers for you to choose from. A small change, but a handy one in our opinion!

Balance Updates

Ever since the recent release of our Hatzegopteryx and Achillobator, we’ve been keeping a close eye on how the community has taken to them, both in gameplay and in combat. With a couple of weeks of feedback to work with now, we have made some balance changes to further improve your experience with our giant flyer and feathered raptor!

We’ve adjusted some of Hatzegopteryx’s cooldowns on its head, allowing players to use multiple attacks with separate cooldowns so you don’t have to wait for one cooldown to use any head slot attack. To compensate for this extra flexibility in attacking, we’ve also slightly increased the cooldowns of a few attacks, and decreased its flight speed slightly too.

For Achillobator, we are adjusting the Cruel Swipe ability to match similar abilities such as Daspletosaurus' Piercing Bite attack. While the attack is intended to be strong against larger foes, it was too strong when compared to Piercing Bite. We have also reduced the effects of both Hollow Bones and Rudder to prevent situations where players have infinite stamina.

We have also given Megalania a new ability with Fetid Scent, gaining increased attack power when near an envenomed creature.

We are continuing to monitor community feedback and how players take to these changes. We will be working on additional balance passes based on what we see in-game and from the feedback we receive.

We’d like to thank you all again for your continued support as we work to bring Path of Titans to new and exciting heights this year.

Sweetheart Skin Pack

We also wanted to mention we have a new skin pack available for the holiday, currently on offer in-game for a limited time. These skin packs help fund development, and ensure we can bring brand new core content to you as fast as possible. Thanks for reading!

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