As February comes to a close, we wanted to give you all an update on our progress since our last blog earlier this month, including a lot of new and old content getting some love! Watch the video below, or read on for more info.

Lambeosaurus TLC Updates

We are very excited to show you the updates we are currently working on for one of our older dinosaurs, the Lambeosaurus! This TLC isn't fully complete yet, but we will be sure to let you know as soon as it's finished and added to the game. We have already completed the major updates to its model, with improvements to its textures and proportions for a new and paleo-accurate makeover. These updates include a longer neck and a reshaped head, allowing for a more accurate crest and a longer, more slender beak. We also improved Lambeosaurus’ body proportions to better fit what we know about it today, and made sure to add the front hoof that is now known to feature on all hadrosaurs that was discovered a few years after our original model was created! We took special care on improving its textures, bringing its quality up to the same standards as our newer dinosaurs with larger feature scales and more definition. In fact, we even added some larger scales on Lambeosaurus’ neck as a nod to the Edmontosaurus, which is also known to have them.

Alongside these changes to Lambeosaurus’ models and textures, we are also actively working on updating its abilities, as well as revisiting a handful of its skins to improve the crispness and detail of their patterns, including the Default skin and Swamp skin as shown below! For the Default skin, we really wanted to add a pop of color on the crest that Lambeosaurus in known for which will have a decent variety of vivid color to choose from. It will allow even the most standard Lambeosaurus skin in the game to have a bit of extra personalization.

We will be sure to provide updates as progress continues on the Lambeosaurus TLC, so keep an eye out!

Emote Wheel

In preparation for our upcoming quests and achievement updates, we have also been working on a new and improved emote wheel! The new emote wheel is planned to have customisation to allow for more than 8 emotes, letting players to organise and change out which emotes they would like to use in-game. There will be at least 3 wheels of 8 slots that can be filled up with animations, calls, displays, and taunts. This will allow us to add more emotes over time, including emotes that can be unlocked through quests and achievements in future. Alongside these system updates, the vocal wheels will be getting a visual update as well, replacing the old emote icons with cute dinosaurs that will display their designated emotes!

New Foliage

This update may be particularly exciting to the more paleo-passionate members of our community, as we are also working on including more prehistoric foliage on our maps! We want players to feel more immersed and at home in a prehistoric world, and have been creating some ancient flora to help with this. We plan on adding lots of cycads and ferns, as well as conifer trees. Check out below for a couple work-in-progress images for some of these plants.

Metrics and Triumphs

We have also made great progress on our Achievement system, which we have now named "Triumphs". These Triumphs are tracked through various in-game metrics such as catching a fish or defeating another player. You'll be able to open up a menu to be able to see all of the stats and interesting numbers related to your character and your account. This includes things like distance travelled, skins unlocked, and much more.

We have also completed the initial UI design for this system, as seen below. Players will be able to see the rewards for each Triumph (skins, emotes, avatars, etc.) and preview them straight from there. It will also display progress already earned towards each Triumph, and how much progress is remaining. This makes it quick and simple to see all the interesting tasks you could work on, or even what Triumphs you're really close to earning.

Note: text in the previews are purely placeholder for planning out the UI design and for testing purposes.

Content Manager

We have also been working on improving the way players are able to manage their Path of Titans content, including Mods and Replays. Sometimes joining a community server can be difficult if the server is hosting a lot of mods. This means that players with less storage can quickly run out of space if too many mods are often downloaded. With the upcoming Content Manager, players can quickly uninstall mods, or delete old replays to free up space.

The Content Manager is a UI interface that will let you view and select both replays and mods, and quickly uninstall them if desired. This menu will be found in the Mods panel in-game.

When joining a server, if the game detects that you will run out of space prior to joining the server, it will offer to delete old mods you haven't used in a while to make space for the rest of the new required server content. This will make it much more reliable for console and mobile players to connect to community servers hosting numerous mods!

We are still working on this tool, but progress is being made quickly and it should be available soon. We hope it helps!

As always, we are incredibly grateful for your support as we continue to work on Path of Titans, and are excited to show you what we’ve been up to in the next blog, thanks for reading!

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