Hey everyone, we've got an awesome update for you today!

We have just released Home Caves and Eotriceratops! Update your game today to check out this brand new feature and creature.


This giant herbivore is a force to tangle with. Huge, tanky, and a high damage dealer, its main weakness is its low stamina and vulnerability from the rear. Being a large target makes it easy to hit, and even easier to dodge.

Eotriceratops has a unique ability, it sharpens its horns along the ground in order to give itself a temporary buff to damage. This is an expensive ability to unlock, but can turn the tides in combat if used effectively. We hope you enjoy this awesome new creature!

Home Caves

Home Caves are a type of individual player housing that you can visit by entering special caves found on Panjura. There are 4 entrances, marked by blue triangular icons on your map. Either enter through the dark tunnel or interact with the Home Cave stone to visit your cave.

When inside your home cave, you can use Marks to unlock additional rooms and decorate them with unique items. And to manage your cave, Interact with the blue Home Cave stone to access the Home Cave menu.

To begin expanding, use attachment points to add rooms modularly to your Home Cave. There are many styles of room to choose from including dark and winding tunnels, a room full of bones, a giant redwood tree grotto, and even a shallow lagoon with crystal blue water.

Once you are done adding rooms, the decoration begins! Browse the item catalogue and purchase items with marks earned in-game, then enter Decoration mode to place down items. A selection of rocks, ferns, and bushes are some of the first items we have added, and many more will be coming in the future!

You can also invite friends to visit your home cave. Simply add them to your group and then invite them via the Home Cave stone. After accepting your invitation, all they need to do is visit a Home Cave stone in order to travel to your cave. Be sure to show off your awesome interior design skills!

In the future, Home Caves will also act as a quest hub, and tie into other core gameplay features. We will also implement the ability to unlock certain decorations and rooms by completing achievements and quests. We hope you enjoy this new feature, and look forward to all the creative ways you’ll spice up your Home Cave! Thanks for reading!

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