Take Flight and Dive the Seas of Gondwa!

Gondwa arrives with a gameplay trailer featuring Robert Irwin.

Gondwa, Kaiwhekea, Thalassodromeus!

Join your fellow dinosaurs, plesiosaurs, and pterosaurs in the coastal habitats of this chain of islands.

Dive through undersea canyons as the first fully aquatic character, the plesiosaur Kaiwhekea, and catch thermal updrafts to carry high into the skies as the first flyer, the Thalassodromeus pterosaur!

Master flight through canyons and ocean cliffs, and engage in the thrill of the hunt among the beauty and zen of coral reefs.

The world of Path of Titans has expanded in many ways, new underwater home caves and quests, new aquatic fish, and roosts and cliffs for flyers to perch. Discover the hidden caves and tunnels above and below the ocean blue, and interact with the many new denizens of the seas.


The first flying creature is here, the Thalassodromeus. This flying reptile is well suited for soaring the skies of Gondwa. Your hatchling Thalassodromeus will begin on the cliff faces of Gondwa, perfect for your first flying lesson. Take to the air and dive down to gain momentum and soar your way onto land to being your first quests and grow to be the largest thing in the skies!

Thalassodromeus is adept in the water as well. Using hot air columns, it can rise high into the skies, then dive down into the sea to catch fish to eat. Be on the lookout for floating ocean debris, as fish often like to gather around them.


Also found in the oceans is the first fully aquatic creature Kaiwhekea. Paddle around the waters of Gondwa to explore new and unique biomes. Kaiwhekea has a unique ability that allows it to breach out of the water to catch a breath, much like dolphins in the modern day. It can also dart forward to catch fish or escape predators, even barrel-rolling into its enemies for damage and mayhem. Be sure to try out both these new creatures today!


The new island map Gondwa is finally here! Join any Gondwa map by selecting it when entering Matchmaking! Please note: currently you cannot transfer your characters from Panjura to Gondwa, however we plan on adding this in the future. For now, your characters are separate between Gondwa and Panjura. Additionally, flyers and swimmers currently are only enabled on Gondwa.

On community servers, characters can be freely transferred between both Panjura and Gondwa, however there may be a handful of bugs in doing so. We will work on updates and improvements to this sytem as we work on bug fixes. Thanks for reading.

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