Happy holidays everyone!

We have just released the Hatzegopteryx! This is an absolutely massive flying reptile, with a wingspan that blocks out the sun. Be sure to download this hotpatch update today!

The Hatzegopteryx is able to grab and carry other players off into the sky. Watch them struggle as you fly higher and higher, and then drop them to let them plummet to their doom! The Hatz is also a formidable foe on the ground, with a quick trot speed and rapid beak stab attacks that get stronger with each hit. And, steer clear of it's "Evil Eye" ablity which decreases the attack of the closest creature near it.

We hope everyone enjoys this new flyer, and look forward to bringing you more content in the new year!

As a reminder, Path of Titans is also 33% off on the Alderon Games Store for the holiday season! Be sure to use your referral code to earn extra Refer-A-Friend skins if you gift the game to a friend, or receive a gift yourself!

We have also refreshed our Refer-A-Friend rewards! Introducing 6 new skins. You can refer up to 6 new players to survive alongside you in Path of Titans. Each referral helps both you and your friend progress towards amazing rewards and helpful in-game bonuses when you play together!

You will still have access to any skins previously earned before today. Progress towards the new Refer A Friend rewards begins from today onwards.

Learn more about Refer-A-Friend rewards here: https://alderongames.com/refer-a-friend

Also be sure to check out the festive skin bundles currently on offer in-game for a limited time. Happy holidays, and thanks for reading!

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