Hello again everyone! We've added some awesome new content to the game this week, so let's get right into it.


Iguanodon has just been released for Pre-Release owners!

This dinosaur was previously slated for after launch, but will be available to those that backed the pre-release that was delayed. If you have purchased the game but do not have pre-release access and are interested in upgrading, just head over to your Orders page to upgrade. If you do not wish to or cannot support at this time, no worries! All of this content will be available at the games full launch for you to enjoy.

The Iguanodon also has a backer skin available. If you already own the “All Backer Skins” perk, these new skins will be added to your account automatically. If you do not own the “All backer skins” perk, and are interested in these new backer skins, be sure to check out our store for more information! https://alderon.games/store

Meat Chunk Improvements

Meat chunks now display in your dinosaurs mouth when eating, and will slide down to your dinosaurs throat. It’s a small detail but really improves the dinosaur eating experience overall.

Players now can bite to drop their held items, and items now smoothly fall to the ground instead of teleporting. This prevents carnivores from being helpless while in combat because their mouth was stuffed with a piece of meat and they didn’t have time to place it on the ground. Thanks for reading, and be sure to update your game today!

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