PAX Online is now over, thank you for joining us! Be sure to pick up the full game from our store!

The EGXOnline/PaxOnline Demo ran from the 12th to 22nd of September. It is no longer available.

Enter the Mesozoic era and play as 5 of the 18+ species to explore, survive, and thrive in our MMO sandbox world.

Play on any internet connected screen, at any time, with a single unified account that allows seamless transition between Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and in the near future console and cloud gaming services.

You can create multiple dinosaurs for the official MMO questing game mode, and additional dinosaurs for private single player and multiplayer servers.

The Pax Online demo came with access to 5 unique dinosaurs with 3 different variations per dino, and customizable skins with thousands of possible color variations. A total of 30 unique dinosaurs are planned for the full game.

Path of Titans is cross-platform, cross-party, and cross-play with both keyboard and mouse and controller support on all platforms. The demo will have up to 50 players per server, and our extensive emote system will make socializing with other players a breeze, allowing you to easily join herds and packs to take on quests together.

Path of Titans will be a true sandbox, allowing you to freely jump between all 30 species and explore each of their unique abilities, combat maneuvers, and quests. You can also simply enjoy hours of unstructured 'play as a dinosaur' adventures across both the official and modding community maps.

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Special thanks to the PaxAustralia Team for the support to get us into the PaxOnline PaxRising showcase!

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