Hello everyone!

This month we are working on some improvements to the Gondwa map, in addition to updating dinosaur models and animations.

Dinosaur Updates

Some dinosaurs will be getting a small update to improve their animations and textures to further bring personality and uniqueness to each species. This will also tie into the combat update as we can improve movement speed and with updated locomotion animations, or revisit combat animations that play too slowly or don’t reach far enough down to hit smaller dinosaurs. We have updated 5 dinosaurs already, including the Ceratosaurus we previewed in our previous dev blog, in addition to 4 new ones. Below are before-and-afters of the Alioramus, Suchomimus, Concavenator, and Metriacanthosaurus improvements, which includes slight model tweaks, texture updates, and a different standing animations. We have also update the locomotion animations for these creatures, including the walk, trot, and sprint animations.

Gondwa Updates

The rivers of Gondwa are being updated to make them lusher and more detailed along the shorelines, with birch trees and leafy bushes. We are also improving the way rivers look underwater by adding lake weed, sunken logs, and muddy riverbanks. Below are some screenshots of the improved rivers. We are also adding many more caves and burrows around the map to let small creatures escape underground, and in the future these burrows will be used to hold unique and rare quest items. Thanks for reading!

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