Hello everyone! We have a huge update today! Watch the video below or read on to learn more!


Say hi to the Megalania, a giant lizard from Australia’s Pleistocene era. It may not technically be a dinosaur, but it will be right at home among the creatures of Panjura. Just like modern day Komodo dragons, the Megalania has a venomous bite that drains the stamina of its prey. Update today to check out this giant reptile!

Locational Wounds

We have also just added a new locational damage system. Attacking certain parts of dinosaurs now displays a wound on the damaged area, giving players a better idea of what body parts they hit and how injured the other player is. If your dinosaur sustains an injury severe enough, it will remain as a scar once you manage to fully heal. These scars will remain until your character dies, after which you will respawn free from scars. So keep an eye out for players with lots of scars! If they’ve survived that much combat, you better be careful around them!

Scars will appear on your dinosaur if you take too much damage.

Improved Tutorial Cave

We have also improved the Tutorial Cave to make it easier to follow and better explain the controls and mechanics of Path of Titans. There are now clearer instructions on how to unlock and assign new abilities, in addition to showing the player how to dive and other movement options. There is also a new quest to discover your Home Cave and a tutorial on how to use it!

The improved tutorials better explain game systems and abilities.

Server Hosting

To further build your own experience, the team is excited to launch the server rental and community server hosting feature. We can't wait to see how server hosting communities build their dinosaur ecosystems! You can learn more about hosting your own community server here: https://alderongames.com/pot-server-hosting

Additionally, we have temporarily reduced Panjura's map boundaries to help performance profile higher player density. Panjura is planned to be restored to its original size once we implement higher player limit servers and AI.

We hope you have a happy holiday and enjoy this update, and thank you for keeping up with our updates and blogs. We have a lot of big features planned for 2022, and we are excited for everyone to experience all our new and upcoming content! See you next time, and thanks for reading!

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