Hello everyone! We have just released a big update to our store page at https://alderon.games/store This dev blog talks about the changes that have been made, and our future plans for Path of Titans.

New Store Page

We have just rolled out a new store page for Path of Titans. This new site includes a brand new redesign and new pictures about the game.

Together, we have raised almost a million in crowdfunding! Without our backers and fantastic community, we would not have gotten as far along in the game’s development as we have. Because of the extra crowdfunding revenue we have been able to hire additional developers and build the game faster, with higher quality and more content. We have also been able to bring forward and release dinosaurs that were originally planned for after launch.

Thank you to everyone who has been keeping track of the total crowdfunded amount, and to the backers who have been purchasing extra copies of the game for their friends in order to support the game further. You have all gone above and beyond our wildest dreams, and we are extremely thankful! As the project’s funding is now secure, we wanted to make the store more about the game and less about the project’s funding. We have moved away from a crowdfunding style store page in order to make the page less confusing for our customers. Our updated store page now better reflects what the game actually is, and new features coming to the game. We are also working on localization for our store page, which will be coming in the near future.

Our new store page now displays options for people to buy the game that also includes pre-release access. It’s no longer possible to purchase just the game without pre-release. This means when customers buy the game, they will get everything including the new pre-release dinosaurs as they are released. This makes it much simpler to buy the game overall!


This store page change is one of the many steps being taking as we move closer to pre-release. While not yet ready for pre-release, every day we are working hard to get the game to a pre-release state.

Pre-release will act more like early beta access closer to our release. The focus is to avoid splitting our player base when pre-release begins, so instead we have decided to give pre-release owners access to additional content early, such as the Iguanodon and Albertaceratops.

We continually post news and updates on our blog, and are committed to releasing constant game patches that improve the game in big ways.

Art Book and Soundtrack

Copies of the game also include the Path of Titans Artbook and Game Soundtrack. These items are planned to be delivered at the game’s launch. Information about these items were previously found at the bottom of our old store page. You can find that additional page covering all this information here or as a link at the bottom of our new store page.

Platform Updates

It is very important that we continue to develop the Alderon Games platform, and you can expect to see more updates coming in the future. Some of these improvements include being able to change your avatar, change your username, upgrade gifted copies, more regional pricing, additional ways to buy the game, better multiplayer servers with more player slots, improved account pages, and much more.

*Examples of some of the new user avatar pictures you will be able to select!*

We are constantly working on improving performance and stuttering fixes, especially for mobile devices. The bug reports and feedback we have been receiving from players has been extremely helpful, and we have fixed countless game issues thanks to your help! We are very grateful to everyone who takes the time to report problems, as it allows us to focus on fixing them!

The team has always been focused on keeping you in the loop as new features are completed. The anticipation about the release date, the future dinosaurs to be released, we’re just as excited about those announcements as you are. Keep following us on this blog, the newsletter, and on our social media to make sure you are the first to hear when these news releases are announced. Overall we are very happy with the speed and progress made so far, having our backers in game daily giving feedback, and it’s very exciting to have our players come along with us for the journey!

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