Hello everyone! We have been working hard these past couple months, and we wanted to give you a big development update to let you know what we've been working on behind the scenes.

In This Update

There are a bunch of new features that have arrived in the Night Stalker Update! For this patch, we have focused primarily on expanding combat abilities to further differentiate each creature in Path of Titans. We have also updated the visuals and animations of many creatures to bring them in line with our newer dinosaurs!

Night Time Abilities

We have added new night time abilities for many dinosaurs! The abilities introduced in this update, such as Midnight Hunter and Night Stalker, will increase the mystique and thrills of dinosaur combat in nighttime encounters. Small and midsized carnivores will see their prowess increased after dark with more than ten new and updated abilities. Abilities such as The Call of the Night Terrors will provide the Latenivenatrix with a boost to stamina recovery and damage, making it the ultimate predator.

Combat Updates

Some other brand new abilities are available in this update, too, including:

  • Stegosaurus Solar Powered: Gain increased stamina regeneration during the day.
  • Ceratosaurus Rough Scales: Deal Passive damage when you are hit by attacks.
  • Swimmers Have Nictitating Membrane: See more clearly underwater.
  • Sarcosuchus Ambusher: Deal increased damage for first attack when out of combat.
  • Metriacanthosaurus Twilight Menace: Faster stamina regeneration during night.

Creature Updates

We have updated the textures and animations for some of our dinosaurs! The Alioramus, Suchomimus, Camptosaurus, and Latenivenatrix all have had improvements. Check out these before and after comparisons below to see some of the differences!

Fish Effects

Creatures with the Fisher diet now can gain a short buff for eating certain fish types. For instance, Trouts now provide a Bleed Heal buff when eaten, and Turtles can temporarily increase armor when eaten. Fish have also had their swim speeds and food amounts modified to now be easier for smaller creatures to catch and feed themselves more consistently. We have also added a handful of additional fish types, such as Catfish, Basilemys, Frogs, and more. Be sure to explore Gondwa and find all these new aquatic creatures!

Coming Soon

In the background, the team has been working on a number of other big game improvements, including even more combat updates, quests, map improvements, and even in-game music!

Combat Updates

We are also working on adding more variety to combat and ability options for each dinosaur. This means many creatures are getting additional attacks such as kicks, stomps, group abilities, and passive abilities.

Some cool new abilities coming are:

  • Concavenator Ripping Kick: Lunge forward with talons, causing bleed damage.
  • Metriacanthosaurus Toxic Scream: Increases outgoing Venom damage for 10 seconds.
  • Deinonychus Slicer: A bite that rips an edible meat chunk from the target.
  • Eotriceratops Stampede: A passive effect that increases your damage for each Ceratopsian in your group.
  • Kentrosaurus Lone Survivor: A passive effect that increases your armor and manoeuvrability when not in a group.

There are many, many more abilities on the way to really make each creature stand out and carve its own gameplay style and niche.

Area-of-Effect attacks

We have also implemented Area-of-Effect attacks, which will hit any enemies within a radius around you. This will primarily be implemented on stomp attacks, such as for Albertaceratops and Amargasaurus. With this new feature, your dinosaur’s feet no longer have to hit your target in order to damage them, making aiming this attack much easier and more intuitive.

Replay Tool

We are also working on releasing the Replay tool, an awesome way to record videos of Path of Titans from a more cinematic perspective. The replay tool gives you the ability to record a gameplay session and play it back in real time from a detached cinematic camera, allowing you to capture beautiful footage. You are able to manipulate things like depth of field, field of view, whether the camera automatically follows players, and more! This tool will also be very useful for community server owners and moderators to help spot rulebreakers. The replay tool will also work with mods, so be sure to check out the modding page in-game and explore all the amazing community content!

Stamina Changes

Previously, certain dinosaurs had a wide variety of stamina values, ranging from very high stamina for small dinosaurs like Camptosaurus, to very little stamina for large creatures like Sarcosuchus. This made the venom status effect, which drains stamina over time, much more effective against some creatures compared to others. We have now adjusted stamina values for all creatures so they are even across the board, but certain dinosaurs drain their stamina faster depending on their playstyle, attacks, running speeds, and regeneration rates. This change ensures that venom is now much more consistent across all creatures, which will make creatures that rely on venom, like Metriacanthosaurus and Megalania, have a much better time hunting their prey.

Adjustments to Bleed, Venom, and Bone Break

We have also made some changes to the way other status effects affect creatures. Previously, the weight of a dinosaur played a large role in determining how much bone break, venom, and bleed damage was inflicted on a defending dinosaur. We have adjusted this value so status effects are now more consistent across all creatures. This means creatures that can inflict status effects can better rely on their abilities to tackle larger, heavier opponents.

Map Updates

We have made some considerable updates to both the Gondwa and Panjura map. Both maps now feature more realistic textures, and Gondwa in particular now features a new Birch Forest biome. Additionally, certain areas on the map now also have different colour tinting and environmental effects, to really make them stand out! Here are some screenshots below that show off some of the improved environment details and colours.

Music System

That’s right! We have nearly implemented the first pass of our music system. Path of Titans now has a completely original soundtrack, with dozens of brand new tunes to make your time spent surviving even more memorable.

The music of Path of Titans has been designed to be atmospheric and environmental, and won’t overpower important gameplay sounds like dinosaur calls or footsteps. Points of interest in the world have unique music, making each area feel even more distinct. We have selected specific instruments and themes to play depending on the biome type you are in. For example, areas along the beach have cheerful steel drums and maracas. Wheras, deep in the desert you will find wind instruments and rattles.

The music also changes dynamically based on the time of day. Daytime music is often uplifting and playful, whereas nighttime music is more on edge and ominous...

There is now also music that plays specifically when a player gets into combat! The intensity of the combat music will match the energy of combat. Get into a light scuffle, and players will only hear simple drums and beats- but if the fight escalates into a brawl the music will pick up the pace and layer on additional drums and intruments!

Random Colour Button

While this is a very small addition, we're sure many of the dino designers in our community will love this new feature. We’ve added a random colour button in the character edit screen. This option will be great for players who can’t decide what look to go for, or to get inspiration for your new favourite skin! The random colour button will only select from colours you’ve unlocked, making skin editing as seamless as possible.

Thank you so much for reading! We are excited to see everyone enjoy this latest update, and we hope to bring you all these new features as soon as we can.

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