Hello everyone! With this blog post we would like to introduce you to our partnership program we’ve created in order to collaborate with many community owners and content creators together on Path of Titans, and to explain exactly what this program encompasses.

##Overview The general goal of this partnership is for the content creators and communities to come together and design skins that will be added to Path of Titans. They will be exclusive to each community, and will add a great way for you to spot people from the community you are a part of while roaming around the prehistoric landscape.

Each partner will speak with their community to determine a skin design or decide for themselves the design of a skin for any single selected dinosaur that will be featured in the Path of Titans base game. This means the colours and pattern of the scales or feathers of the dinosaur, and does not include extra mesh details such as accessories or extra anatomical features. If the content creator or community does not have a design in mind, they can work with our skin artists to create a few thumbnails to try to help them decide on a design.

Once the design has been agreed upon by each individual community, and we have a clear thumbnail of the skins design, a secret perk will be generated on the upcoming Path of Titans Indiegogo crowdfunding page. This secret perk will only be visible to users that visit the page through a specific link that will be provided for the content creator or community. This link will become active once the crowdfunding campaign has gone live, and you will be able to purchase the skin through Indiegogo with that link.

Some examples of how 2D skin concepts are translated onto the 3D model in-game.

Even better, after a certain amount of sales of skins, the perk will be upgraded to include more dinosaurs of the content creator or communities choosing. For each upgrade, the content creator or community will be able to choose 1 extra dinosaur to unlock the skin for. The skin will then be transferred to the best of the skin artist's ability over to the additional selected dinosaur model. This means the more people purchase the skin perk, the more dinosaurs that can use the skin!

100% of the proceeds earned by the skin sales will be given back to the content creator or community, excluding the Indiegogo Platform Fees and Transaction Fees which amount to approximately 8% of all earnings. This is a great way to support your favourite content creator or community, and get a cool reward for doing so! (Source)

The skin will be delivered to all that have purchased the skin by the time the game launches. If there are any unforeseen delays in the skins delivery, we will fully and publicly disclose the reasons for the delay and will make great attempts to deliver the skin as soon as possible. It is possible to purchase skins for more than one community if you happen to be part of multiple communities participating!

We hope you enjoy working with your favourite community owners and content creators in designing some awesome skins!

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