Hello everyone! We have put together a preview image of every available partner skin! Each skin pack comes with all five skins displayed per image. Each skin has three pattern variations for further customization. Colours can be slightly modified in-game, and have an additional female colour palette.

**We will stop selling Partner skins by February 1st! **

If you are interested in any partner skins be sure to purchase them before this date! We will not be selling these Partner skins in the future, so they will remain exclusive. You can purchase skin packs from our store! https://alderongames.com/store/path-of-titans

Backer skins will continue to be sold past February 1st.

Updates to BEERWAR Daspletosaurus Skin Perk

Due to a conflict in skin copyright ownership, we will no longer be offering the “BEERWAR Daspletosaurus Skin” perk on our store page. We spoke with BEERWAR and the copyright holder and we decided the best course of action was to remove the copyrighted skins so there was no infringement on the artist’s copyright.

This perk will be renamed to the “Supporter Skin Pack”. For individuals who have purchased the “BEERWAR Daspletosaurus Skin” perk or the “All 60 Partner Skins“ perk which includes the BEERWAR Daspletosaurus Skin, we will be replacing 3 of the 5 skins with entirely new designs. These new designs will be for the same 3 dinosaurs and can be seen in the following screenshots. We have used similar colours so hopefully they are nice replacements!

If you are not happy with these changes to the BEERWAR Daspletosaurus Skin pack, you are free to request a refund by emailing our support address at [email protected] Thank you!

The updated Supporter Skin Pack skins (above)

Partner Skin Previews

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