Experience the new predator Pycnonemosaurus, and the hard-charging domed-headed Pachycephalosaurus, now released!

The devil-horned Pycnonemosaurus will soon arrive in Path of Titans, and the lands of Panjura. This fierce predator will be joined by the Pachycephalosaurus, the hard-charging domed headed herbivore and a favorite among dinosaur fans.


Pycnonemosaurus is known to be larger than even the Carnotaurus and joins the roster as the seventeenth stretch goal from the original Path of Titans crowdfunding campaign. Pycno is an apex carnivore from Brazil, and to all the dinosaur gaming fans in Brazil we hope you enjoy this amazing Brazilian dinosaur! The dev team is just as excited about the launch of this creature as you are, and the art team is so happy to finally show off the amazing skins for Pycno, so be sure to give them a look!


Let’s talk about the Pachycephalosaurus, a long-time favorite of dinosaur enthusiasts. You will discover each subspecies resembles the speculated growth stages of Pachy, each resembling Dracorex, Stygymoloch, or the classic dome headed look! It’s been long thought that the domed head was used for full speed headbutting similar to rams, so it’s been added to the game as both an offensive weapon and escape mechanism. Or just to knock your foes over cliffs for fun.

Both new dinosaurs have a charge attack with knockback as a secondary effect, adding a new combat skill type to the game! Being such a large predator Pycno can ram nearly anyone, but the smaller Pachy will have to pick and choose who gets the horns in a fight, or to hold in reserve for flight.

Pycno and Pachy are available in the “Tyrant” dinosaur pack, bundled with Tyrannosaurus and Amargasaurus. For players that already own the game on console or have bought the full game in the past, you will automatically own these dinosaurs.

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