We have just released the Replay Tool for Path of Titans!

You're now able to take recordings and play them back whenever you'd like. You can access your replays from the main menu. The Replay mode is a brand new tool in Path of Titans that allows you to record and save your own footage from your in-game experiences.

The Replay Tool is only available on PC and Consoles for now! We are looking to support mobile soon.

Watch the tutorial on YouTube!

Everything you need to know to get started:

  1. To begin a replay recording, load up the game and press the record button. The default record button on PC is the ‘U’ key, but you can change the default button for your platform in the ‘Controls’ section of the game settings menu.

  2. Once a replay recording has begun you will see a flashing icon in the top right side of the screen. Now simply play the game however you like, and all your actions will be recorded!

  3. When you’re done you can either logout or simply press the ‘Record’ button again, both will end the recording.

  4. Your Replays can then be found in the Main Menu under the ‘Replays’ section, just keep in mind that Replays can take some time to prepare before they are accessible.

  5. To load a replay, find the recording you took by looking at the name and information found on the replays list. Then simply press Play to start the playback, and you're all set to start taking screenshots or filming!

Feel free to use this replay file found in the YouTube video to try it yourself! Dropbox download link here.

Using the Replay Tool HUD

Opening up your recording will show a HUD with a variety of playback settings, including Speed, Time of Day, and more.

By pressing the left/right buttons, you can hop between each dinosaur in the scene, or simply detach your camera and fly around freely. You can also zoom in, change the depth of field, blur your scene, and add many unique other effects.

One useful feature is the ability to adjust the time of day and weather for your scene, so if you feel your favorite fight would look cooler at sunset, you have the power to change it!

Sharing Replays

You can also share your replays with friends. There is a ‘Share’ button in the Replay tab in the Main Menu that allows you to easily find and copy your Replay files to share. Moving them into your Replay folder is as easy as ‘clicking and dragging’. Send the file to a friend and they can place it into their replay folder!

The Replay mode has something to offer everyone whether you are a budding film-maker itching to film your very own dinosaur documentaries, a hardworking admin for your community server investigating player reports for rule violations or foul play, or you simply want to capture the perfect high quality screenshot.

We look forward to seeing all the wonderful and creative uses you’ll find for this new tool! Thanks for reading!

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