Rhamphorhynchus is now out!

Hello everyone! We have just released our third pterosaur, the Rhamphorhynchus! This tiny terror is one of the smallest creatures in the Path of Titans roster, as well as one of the most unique.

Rhamphorhynchus brings a new style of gameplay to Path of Titans, with abilities focused primarily on both supporting your team and sabotaging the enemy. A plethora of vocal calls and the ability to pounce introduces Rhamphorhynchus’ main combat tactic: latching onto friend or foe and singing a song to buff or debuff your target.

For players looking for a peaceful life on the coast, have no fear! Rhamphorhynchus is also equipped with an entire build dedicated to life at sea, including fishing based abilities and other aquatic boosts for your plunges in the deep. Or, equip abilities that let you Dart through the skies with nimble wings and tight turns to escape any predator on your tail.


With the release of Rhamphorynchus bringing a whole new type of gameplay to the game, we wanted to talk more about the ability design behind our little flyer.

Rhamphorynchus is one of our most ability-packed creatures yet, boasting a plethora of abilities across all of its slots that offer multiple unique potential playstyles depending on your build. Its PvP abilities revolve around supporting your party, offering powerful buffs and devastating debuffs to those around you to tip the scales in your group’s favour. While Rhamphorynchus cannot deal direct damage to other players, we made sure that it can still hunt critters and attack fish with most of its attacks ensuring players can still survive without a party too.

We are excited to open up more opportunities for players that prefer a supporting role in combat, while also not causing headaches for players on the ground who may have a hard time defending themselves from such tiny and fast creatures. We hope you enjoy the Rhamphorhynchus, and look forward to seeing flocks of these reptilian seagulls along the coasts of Gondwa! Be sure to restart your game to get access to this new creature.

Also be sure to check out the Springtime skin bundle currently on offer in-game for a limited time. Happy spring, and thanks for reading!

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