Hey everyone, we have a big update today related to our store page and future cross platform compatibility so we wanted to break down the details for you. You can watch the video version of this update below.

Unified Cross-Platform Purchases

We have unified the Alderon Games store so your purchases are now completely cross-platform! This means any purchases on any current platform will be available on all others with no need to repurchase anything to play Path of Titans on a different device!

For the duration of the Console Beta Period, you will need to purchase a Founder's Pack to download the game on consoles. If you link your console account with your Alderon Games account, you will be able to use the same characters, keep all your progress and continue where you left off if you’ve already played on PC or Mobile.

As gamers ourselves, we feel strongly about making your purchases and progress available on all of your devices, since it really sucks having to buy the same stuff several times. While there are different rules on different platforms we must navigate going forward, our goal is to only require a single purchase to play the game on any device.

With that said, we are making some changes to the Path of Titans store page in order to facilitate all of this. Items purchased through the In-Game Store will now be made with Path of Titans Coins. This is so we can track purchases on all platforms to ensure you keep all of your items regardless of your gaming device, something a single virtual currency allows us to do. The experience for you, the player, will be the same.

And finally, we now offer a less expensive option to access the full Path of Titans game. If you are looking to play only a specific dinosaur species or simply want to test drive the game without paying full price, you can now purchase a 4 dinosaur pack for only $7 USD. While purchasing this or any individual dinosaur pack will only let you play those particular species, it will still grant you access to the full Path of Titans experience, including access to Mods and Community Servers. The 30 dollar game pack is still available as before which gives you access to all current dinos, access that existing players will still have, so there is no re-purchase necessary. If you already own one or more dino packs but later decide you want to upgrade to access all dinosaurs, the price will be discounted based on the number of packs you own!

Rewards and Benefits for Existing Players

For users that have purchased Path of Titans before this store change, you will:

  • Own all dinosaurs currently released
  • Gain free access to all future dinosaurs promised through our crowdfunding campaign. (See full dinosaur list here)
  • Be able to play Path of Titans across all platforms

Needless to say, it would not have been possible for us to get this far without all your support, from our initial crowdfunding campaign up to today! If you have futher questions, please check out the FAQ below, or contact us at our support site. Tune in soon for our next Dev Blog update that includes some really exciting new features!


I already own the game on PC, what does this mean for me?

If you have already purchased Path of Titans, there will be no changes to your account. You already own all currently released dinosaurs, and you will also automatically own the future dinosaurs we have promised via our Crowdfunding campaign such as Tyrannosaurus, Armargasaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, and more! See the full dinosaur list here.

I own the game on mobile, are there changes for me?

Yes! We have unified game purchases across all platforms. If you have purchased the mobile game upgrade, you now have access to the PC/Mac/Linux version.

Why are you using virtual currency?

Path of Titans will soon be available on other platforms. In order for your purchases to be completely cross-platform compatible with these new platforms, a virtual currency is essential.

Because various game stores cannot communicate with each other to properly track purchases across all platforms, it is important to do purchases in-game instead. This way, Alderon Games can determine what has been purchased on your account regardless of your platform. Additionally, many stores require virtual currency in order to prevent duplicate purchases.

We want your dinosaurs, skins, progress, and all other items to be completely synced between your platforms. This has been a core principle of ours since we began development. With Path of Titans coins, we can ensure you will never have to re-buy something on a different platform or restart your characters from scratch when you login from a different device.

Do I keep all my progress and purchases from before this Store change?

Yes, you will keep everything. There will be no changes to your account. You will still own everything you have purchased, keep all your characters, and keep all your progress.

Do you have other questions? Check out our help website here.

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