Hello everyone! We are excited to catch you up on what we’ve been working on over the past few weeks! Let's get right into it.

Struthiomimus TLC

We have been hard at work on the Struthiomimus TLC this month, working out any remaining issues and keeping an eye out for your feedback from the Public Test Branch. It’s thanks to your feedback that we were able to make some last minute improvements and finally release it to the public!

Struthiomimus’ TLC includes an update to its model, animations and textures; such as new proportions, improvements to some in-game skins, and some updated animations. Alongside these improvements comes a new range of abilities that expands on Struthiomimus’ playstyle while keeping its overall theme of being a fast moving feather duster. Here’s some highlights:


This new support ability allows you to boost the movement speed of all players trotting or sprinting behind you, letting Struthiomimus use its speed to support its friends when travelling.

On Alert

This is a brand new mechanic to Path of Titans, in which the player stands still for ten seconds, then is able to activate On Alert. Activating On Alert will open a ‘radar’ like UI on the player’s screen, revealing any sounds or movement made within a certain radius to them. Having a Struthiomimus in your herd will be essential to prevent any carnivores from ambushing you!

Vocal Call Sets

Struthiomimus has also received some new vocal abilities, in a similar style to the ‘Call Set’ from Lambeosaurus’ recent TLC. These two vocal call sets are themed on Combat and Survival, depending on your preferred playstyle!

Combat Call Set:

Safeguard - Increases armour for all nearby group members.

Tantrum - Increases attack damage for all nearby group members.

Swift Tempo - Decreases ability cooldowns for all nearby group members.

Survival Call Set:

Hustle - Increases trotting speed for all group members within a large area.

Dust Off - Dusts off group members behind you to reduce sprint stamina drain.

Rat Out - Forces all nearby players to reveal themselves with a broadcast call, and increases trot movement speed for all group members within range.

Double Jump

Struthi's new Double Jump is another new mechanic for Path of Titans, allowing the player to leap again in mid-air for a boost in their maneuverability!

Foliage Updates

We are still moving forward with our foliage updates, with more concepts and ideas being brought to life by our artists. One of our newest concepts being worked on are large, sprawling roots that tower over many dinosaurs in the game. These roots are built with our smaller creatures in mind, with lots of tangled coils for climbing over or creeping under, perfect for escaping a larger pursuer.

Home Cave Decorations

We also have some artists working on new Homecave decorations for players to unlock. These Homecave decorations are being prepared for future updates to the questing system, and will be unlockable through gameplay and unlocking achievements. We are aiming to add more variety than ever before to Homecaves, and will continue to keep you updated as more work is completed on this upcoming content!

Directional Tail Attacks

We are currently working on implementing directional tail attacks to certain dinosaurs, a highly requested feature that we know players have been interested in for a long time now. Directional attacks are attacks that will take into account which way you are facing in-game, and change the direction of the attack with it. For example, a Kentrosaurus that is looking left will attack left-wise with its tail, while players that are looking straight forward or straight behind them will use the current attack that hits on both sides.

Gondwa Map Updates

Some of you with keen eyes may have noticed some updates to the Gondwa and Panjura maps. We are currently updating both maps to prepare them for some upcoming content in future, so keep an eye out for anything new in your favourite spots in-game!

Client Optimizations

We are also working on further improvements for performance in-game, including our latest work that sees an 80% performance increase in FPS when large numbers of players are in the same area on your screen. This is a big improvement we’re very excited about, as it means that many players that struggle with highly populated areas may have an easier time playing smoothly in future. There’s more work to be done of course, but we will keep you updated as we continue to work on improving in-game performance even further!

Metrics Preview

In-game metrics have seen a lot of progress this past month, and have now reached early internal testing stages! This is a huge step for the metrics system, as well as all other mechanics that will depend on it in future. Metrics will be needed for many vital features for Path of Titans, including the questing and achievement systems to keep track of your progress as you play and progress through the game. Here’s a preview of the in-progress UI for the upcoming metrics system!

When Critters Attack!

We’ve got news on another highly requested feature from the community! We’re making good progress on bringing out the dangerous side of our critter AI, and are working on new critter behaviour that allows them to not only spawn from their burrows on their own, but attack you if you are small or still a juvenile. We’ll keep you posted as we continue work on our AI updates, and hopefully you’ll be ready when the critters start striking back...

Changes to Nintendo Switch Online

Due to changes recently made to Nintendo’s policy, players are now required to have a Nintendo Switch Online membership in order to log into their accounts. This change is out of our control, and we apologise for any confusion over this. Additionally, game patches may arrive slightly later to Nindendo Switch platforms, we apologize for any delays in getting patches out to our Nintendo players, and we are working on ensuring all platforms as up-to-date with one another as soon as possible.

Extinction Skin Pack Out Now!

Finally, we wanted to let you know that a new skin pack has been released this month, in celebration of National Dinosaur Day! Thank you for your continued support, and we’ll see you again next month!

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