Hey everyone, welcome back to another Path of Titans update!

We have a few things to talk about today, including a big engine update, a Dino, a sale, and a giveaway!


For the month of April we will be running a giveaway with prizes including the 4x multipack game bundle, cosmetic bundle packs, and the chance to earn free skins for referring friends to the giveaway! Click on the link below to check out the rules and learn how to enter today!



The gentle giant Barsboldia now roams through the many valleys and lagoons of Panjura. A hadrosaurid from Maastrichtian age Monogolia, the Bars has been evolving since its first appearance back in 2019 and will be taking advantage of new physics features now available in Unreal Engine 5. And with promo code “HADRO” you can take advantage of our Spring Hadro-sale and get 33% off until April 15th. Details in the description below!

At roughly 36 feet long and 13 feet tall (thats 11 x 4 meters), and weighing in at a portly 5 tons as a full grown adult, this lumbering hulk will make itself known from it’s footfall alone while using its bulk to ward off attackers and it’s massive tail as a defensive fly swatter against predators foolish enough to taunt him.

As previously mentioned, the Bars has undergone a few changes since first being revealed and its large dewlap (skin under the throat) now has real time physics, providing a distinct physical display during emotes and various vocalizations. Its longhorn cow skin was also created in tribute to the origin of some of its vocalizations!

Engine Updates

As for the reason the team has been quiet for a few months... we have been hard at work bringing everything into Unreal Engine 5 which will bring many quality of life improvements and keeps us on the path forward in 2022 and beyond. Our previous blog post explains everything related to this Engine upgrade. The journey into UE5 is still underway however, and realistically there will be bugs, so if you wish to inform us of any please consider submitting them at feedback.pathoftitans.com.

What Dinos Are Coming Next?

With the launch of the Barsboldia, all base game dinosaurs are now playable. So what future playable dinosaur plans do we have in store? Several stretch goal dinos are of course planned, so keep on eye for some surprise releases coming soon! Thanks for reading!

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