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Hey everyone, we have a big content update for the holidays to share with you today. For those that have been following our dev blogs, you will know that we suffered a programming development setback in August (more info on that on our previous blog post here), however our art development has kept pace and we have decided to release our stretch goal Dino content early!

This content was previously slated for after launch, but will be rolling out over the holidays for those that backed the pre-release that was delayed. If you have purchased the game but do not have pre-release access and are interested in upgrading, just head over to your Orders page to upgrade. If you do not wish to or cannot support at this time, no worries! All of this content will be available at the games full launch for you to enjoy.

If you already have pre-release access then, thank you! Your support has made all the difference and we hope you enjoy the new upcoming creatures! Unfortunately we currently do not have upgrade support for gifted game copies, but we are working on adding that functionality. And for those that generously purchased Group Game packs, make sure to send the pre-release activation codes found on your order page to the rest of your group so they can activate them at their activation page.


Let’s get to the first of the stretch goal creatures, the Sarcosuchus! The Sarcosuchus is a lumbering semi aquatic reptile that thrives in Panjura’s fish-filled swamps where it can ambush unsuspecting creatures at the shoreline. If you're reading this blog, that means the Sarco is already in! Go check him out!

Damage Particle Effects

We have also added new particle effects that will help players more easily recognize if their attacks hit other players, and let them know if their opponents are suffering from any status effects such as venom or bleed. These effects will spurt from the point of impact, and will tie into locational damage in the future. There is also a blood spurt that will play once you make contact with your enemies for a bit more of a visceral feeling in combat!

That is all for now! Thank you again for all the wonderful support and we hope you enjoy the stretch goal content, more coming soon! Thanks for reading!

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